Five Common Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers: Insights from a Personal Injury Attorney in Haines City, Florida

When it comes to personal injury law and lawyers in Haines City, there are many myths and misconceptions out there. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the main ones to help you avoid any confusion when hiring a Haines City personal injury attorney.

Myth 1: The lawyer takes all the settlement money.

There are some dishonest personal injury lawyers in Central Florida. However, there are also dishonest mechanics, corrupt politicians, and unscrupulous doctors. Just as you cannot call every doctor dishonest, you cannot devalue every working lawyer — even if some are dishonest. Typically, a Haines City personal injury lawyer gets a fraction of what you win, and if you lose, they get nothing.

Myth 2: The lawyer only wants money.

A good personal injury attorney in Haines City, Florida will try to help you get a fair compensation. As mentioned previously, they will only get a fraction of what you win. This is why many lawyers only take on cases they feel they can win. A good lawyer may help you win your case, but you’ll pay nothing if you don’t. This is assuming you hire one with the “no win, no fee” philosophy, which is an important thing to look for.

Myth 3: The insurance company will pay. You don’t really need a lawyer.

Insurance companies are not social welfare programs or charitable organizations. Their main goal is to make money. If they can save some money by not giving you proper compensation for your injury, they will try to do so. What can you do? Hire the right personal injury lawyer in Haines City, Florida, collect evidence, and sue them to try to get what you deserve. And if you win in court — or if they decide to settle out of court — you can ask for an amount that will cover your lawyer fees as well.

Myth 4: Medical professionals will admit wrongdoing.

Like lawyers, not all medical professionals are out to make money and avoid any fault. But hospitals, doctors, and nurses are not always going to admit mistakes. The myth is that you can always put all your trust into a hospital — unfortunately, thousands of medical malpractice lawsuits are filed every year.

Myth 5: You should always take the first offered settlement.

A bad personal injury lawyer may advise you to take the first settlement offer so that they can take their cut and leave you with the rest. However, you shouldn’t always take the first settlement offer, and a good Central Florida lawyer may actually advise against it. Why? Because you may be able to get a much higher sum if you negotiate or take the case to trial. Let’s assume that the negligence of someone else caused an accident that left you with some pretty severe injuries. In that case, you may be entitled to a pretty big compensation to offset the cost of medical bills (past, present, and future), lost wages, and any mental pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney in Haines City, Florida will understand this, and he or she will advise you accordingly to help you get the best settlement.

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