How Much Is Your Auto Accident Claim Worth? Insights from an Auto Accident Attorney in Lakeland, Florida

In just about any legal case in the Lakeland area, two questions are often brought up: how much will this cost, and how much do I deserve? While putting a dollar value on legal issues can sometimes seem a bit selfish, the fact is that when you are wronged, you deserve to be fairly compensated. This can get complex, especially when it comes to auto accident law in Lakeland. However, this blog focuses on a specific question: how much is an auto accident personal injury claim worth in Lakeland, Florida?

Know the type of damages.

In an auto accident in Lakeland, Florida, you might be entitled to several damages. This depends on what happened, who was at fault, and who was injured. Even in situations where both parties are at fault, the individual who has been injured can sue for damages. This includes compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. While you may assume that medical costs are the big number here, pain and suffering can lead to much more significant damages.

Who are you suing?

Depending on who is at fault, auto accident personal injury claims in the Lakeland area can be high. If you were involved in a high-speed crash with another vehicle, the driver of that vehicle and his or her insurer would be held liable. On the other hand, if you are struck by someone driving a company vehicle, depending on the circumstances, you might be entitled to even more compensation. That may seem unreasonable on the surface, but that is just how it works.

Valuing a claim.

When valuing your auto accident claim, insurers often try to emphasize medical costs and lost wages over your pain and suffering. This is why the initial offer may seem so low — because it does not take into account your pain and suffering. How can you get more? Hire a lawyer!

An auto accident attorney in Lakeland, Florida can help you prove liability, maximize your damages, and uphold your rights. If you do not have an auto accident lawyer representing your case, your claim’s value will likely be brought down significantly. However, with the support and guidance of an experienced lawyer, you can make reasonable counteroffers and, if necessary, take the case to trial. You won’t need to hand over a huge check either; an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in auto accident cases will only take a percentage of the final settlement.

Now, we come back to the original question: how much can you get from your auto accident lawsuit in Lakeland, Florida? That’s a question for an experienced auto accident attorney. If they think you will win, you can settle on a reasonable figure. Of course, this figure would take everything into account, including your medical costs, your pain and suffering, and the degree of fault. This means that you are the one who comes up with the estimate — not the defendant or their insurer.

Are you looking for an auto accident attorney in Lakeland, Florida?

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