The Importance of Ensuring Safety Compliance at Construction Sites: Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lakeland, FL

In the post-COVID economy — where the prevailing outlook is not always very optimistic — many companies have been scrambling for ways to bring down the costs of their day-to-day operational activities just to stay afloat. This is especially true of companies in the construction industry. In fact, in an attempt to keep costs down, some construction companies in Central Florida have started to disregard OSHA’s construction standards for ensuring their employees’ general safety and well-being. Unfortunately, factors such as regulatory standards, work conditions conducive to productivity, and even equipment quality may be ignored. This gross disregard of safety often results in accidents at the construction site, which, in turn, leads to lawsuits and claims for damages filed by accident victims who have sustained severe injuries.

Have You Been Injured in a Construction Site Accident in Lakeland, Florida?

If you are a victim of a construction site accident, then you might be able to recover damages for your injuries. Consulting with a workplace accident attorney in Lakeland, Florida to build your personal injury claim is a great place to start.

As most people are aware, working at a construction site poses a risk to a worker’s safety and well-being. Construction work is a risky job that demands extra-precautionary measures. And when safety is put in the backseat, you can expect tremendous repercussions — both for the company and for the workers themselves.

Sometimes, because employees are busy with other details — such as project timeline, bill of materials needed for the project, and system design and project implementation — safety standards are forgotten. But regardless of the number of workers on a construction site, the company’s main focus should always be the health and safety of their employees. If a contractor or construction company does not follow the necessary safety steps at a construction site, accidents are inevitably bound to happen. Unfortunately, when a company disregards safety concerns by investing in substandard equipment, an accident becomes all the more likely. In fact, this can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

There Are All Different Types of Construction Site Accidents

A good example would be an accident that involved using subpar crane equipment. The construction site accident happened simply because the crane malfunctioned, leading to severe injuries for some workers and even death to others. Let’s assume that, upon investigation, it turned out the crane was made up of spare parts from an old crane, and the required equipment standard investigation was falsified to conceal the unacceptable act. That would likely be a million-dollar litigation.

This is just one example that portrays how a simple disregard in safety equipment could lead to devastating results involving construction site workers and the company as a whole.

Are you looking for a workplace accident or personal injury attorney in Lakeland, Florida?

If you would like to file a construction site or workplace accident claim in Lakeland, Florida, you should start by looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer. That’s where we come in — O’Toole Law Group has a team of experienced personal injury attorneys with decades of experience in fighting for workplace accident victims throughout Central Florida. We can help you navigate the process, speak to the witnesses, and collect all the relevant evidence to make your case stronger to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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