What Can You Expect from Your Personal Injury Attorney? Insights from a Winter Haven, FL Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a fairly significant physical injury or other losses (e.g., property damage) through no fault of your own, you may be able to receive compensation through a personal injury claim. In order to navigate the murky waters of personal injury cases, however, it’s best that you partner with a reputable and experienced personal injury attorney in Winter Haven, Florida. Generally speaking, if your injuries make you miss work for more than a couple of days, or if your medical bills run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, you’ll want to have a personal injury attorney by your side. 

When you’ve chosen the right attorney for your personal injury case, here is what you can expect from them:

What to Expect When Hiring a Winter Haven Personal Injury Attorney

The attorney will start by conducting an interview with you to learn more about the specifics of the accident. Your attorney will need to know everything about the accident, the extent of your injuries, as well as the medical treatment that was recommended to you in order to build a stronger personal injury case. It is essential that you are completely honest and upfront with them. Remember that even the seemingly smallest, most insignificant details can weaken your case if the information is coming in as a surprise to the attorney during a court hearing. However, when your attorney is in the loop, they can find a way to work around those details.

Next, your personal injury attorney will review all of your medical records and doctor’s appointments relating to your injuries. This process can be time-consuming, so do not get discouraged if things seem to move at a slow(er) pace. Be patient, and let your attorney do a complete review.

Did you know that most small personal injury claims in Florida are settled outside of the court? This makes sense, because court proceedings can be a lengthy and expensive affair for all parties involved. Therefore, if possible, your attorney may try to demand a just settlement amount from the at-fault party’s attorney or insurance company. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will pursue a lawsuit.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Once your personal injury lawsuit is filed, your case may seem to come to a standstill — this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as personal injury cases can sometimes take two years or more to reach trial.

The discovery process occurs next, wherein each party investigates the other sides’ legal claims and defences. In this phase, your attorney will send questions and requests to the other party for certain documents, and they will begin the process of taking depositions. The discovery process can last anywhere from six months to a year (in some cases, even longer).


Partnering with the right personal injury attorney in Winter Haven can make the whole process less stressful and more successful. As long as you are upfront about your needs and expectations from the attorney, you can increase your chances of securing a favorable settlement.

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