Types of Medical Malpractice; Insights from a Plant City, FL Personal Injury Attorney

There are different kinds of medical malpractice cases in Plant City, Florida that are the result of a variety of medical mistakes. Besides surgical errors, a few of these cases include:

Improper Prescriptions

A doctor might prescribe the wrong medication, or a pharmacist might fill a prescription with the wrong medication. A doctor may also prescribe one medication that mixes dangerously with the other. Some pharmaceuticals are “contraindicated” for certain conditions. It might be hazardous, for example, for a heart patient to take a particular medication for an ulcer. This is why doctors need to know a patient’s full medical history before they prescribe any new medications.


These kinds of medical malpractice claims are usually made against an anesthesiologist (people responsible for putting patients to sleep during an operation). The anesthesiologist usually remains in the operating room to monitor the patient for any signs that the anesthesia is causing problems or wearing off during the procedure, causing the patient to awaken too soon.

Delayed Diagnosis

This is one of the most common types of non-surgical medical malpractice cases. If a doctor fails to determine that someone has a serious illness, that doctor could be sued. This is especially dire for cancer patients who need to detect the disease as early as possible. A wrong diagnosis could allow cancer to spread before it has been detected, endangering the patient’s life.


In this case, a physician diagnoses a patient as having a disease other than the correct condition. This can lead to unnecessary surgeries, as well as dangerous prescriptions. It can also cause the same injuries as delayed diagnosis.

Childbirth Malpractice

Mistakes made during the birth of a child can result in permanent damage to the baby and/or the mother. These cases sometimes involve a lifetime of payments from a medical malpractice insurance company, and they can be extraordinarily costly. If, for instance, a child is born with brain damage as a result of medical malpractice, the family could be awarded regular payments to care for that child throughout his or her life.

What Happens in a Medical Malpractice Case?

If you believe you have suffered harm due to medical malpractice in Plant City, Florida, you should file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. These parties might include an entire hospital or medical facility, as well as several medical personnel. You become the “plaintiff” in the case, and it is your responsibility to prove that there was “causation.” This means that the injuries are a direct result of the negligence of the alleged medical professionals (the “defendants.”) Proving causation usually requires an investigation into the medical records, and it often requires the assistance of qualified and experienced Plant City medical malpractice attorneys who can evaluate the facts and offer an assessment.

The settlement money offered is often restricted to the amount of money lost as a result of the injuries. These losses include medical care costs and lost wages. They can also include “loss of consortium,” which is a loss of benefits of the injured patient’s spouse. Sometimes, money for “pain and suffering” is offered, which is a non-financial pay-out for the stress caused by the injuries. In rare cases, a physician or medical facility is found to be guilty of gross negligence, or even willful malpractice. When that happens, criminal charges may also be filed by the local authorities. In examples of gross negligence, the health department might revoke a doctor’s medical license. However, this does not happen in most medical malpractice cases.

If you and the defendant’s medical malpractice insurance company cannot come to an agreeable sum for the settlement, the case might go to trial. In that instance, a judge or a jury would decide the amount of money, if any, that you would be awarded for your injuries.

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