What to Do After a Dog Bite: Insights from a Mulberry, FL Personal Injury Attorney

According to a study by the Insurance Information Institute, six of every 100,000 Florida residents filed dog-injury claims in 2018. While not all of these bites resulted in trips to the emergency room or lawsuits, many did.

Have you recently been bitten or attacked by a dog in Mulberry, Florida?

What now?

Learning more about your rights and what you can expect after being attacked by a dog can help you respond to the situation in the best possible way.

First Things First…

When the attack is over, we recommend seeking prompt medical attention. You should also get the name of the dog’s owner and his or her contact information if you do not already have it. If the dog has harmed more than one member of your family, including your pet, you should seek medical or veterinary care for every injury sustained.

Not only will medical care speed up your recovery and prevent infection, but it also legally documents what happened to you. We also recommend taking photos of the scene and dog, if possible, to fully document the setting.

Not Just Bites

While most dog-related injuries are caused by bites, it is possible to be harmed by a dog without being severely bitten. If you have been knocked to the ground by an overzealous pet or an out-of-control, off-leash dog, you could still receive compensation for the damages.

Any Dog Can Bite

The fact of the matter is that dog owners are almost entirely responsible for determining whether a dog will ever attack. A dog that is well treated, supervised, exercised regularly, and loved is rarely responsible for the dog bite attacks that make the six o’clock news. What this means is that, while some areas do outlaw dangerous breeds, any dog can potentially bite and cause severe injury. The size or breed of the dog is less important than the damage and injuries you’ve sustained. Regardless of whether you’ve been bitten by a Chihuahua or a Pitbull, you still have options — including the ability to sue the dog’s owner for your injuries and suffering.

Not Just Dogs

While any dog can bite, not all animal injuries are the result of a dog attack. If you have been injured by an exotic pet, bird, or another animal, you still can sue to recoup your injuries. People can and have kept exotic and dangerous animals as pets, making headlines only when the animal in question grievously harms a visitor or bystander.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in the Mulberry Area

Personal injury law in Florida can be complicated. You can significantly benefit from retaining the services of an experienced and dedicated Mulberry personal injury lawyer specializing in dog bite law. They can help you sort out the emotional and physical issues and steer you toward the financial help you may need to treat the aftermath of a dog bite. Many dog bites are completely covered under the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Even if you cannot afford medical treatment, an expert dog bite attorney in Mulberry, Florida, can get you some assistance on your medical bills (pending litigation), and help you understand the ins and outs of dog bite law in the State of Florida.

Looking for a Dog Bite and Personal Injury Attorney in Mulberry, Florida?

If you or a loved one has been bit or attacked by a dog in Mulberry, turn to O’Toole Law Group. Our qualified personal injury attorneys have decades of experience dealing with all types of personal injury lawsuits (including dog bites), and we are ready to help straighten out the injustice and fight for your proper compensation.

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