Who’s Responsible for Job Site Personal Injury: Insights from a Lakeland, FL Personal Injury Attorney

Any job site must meet certain safety standards as determined by law to secure workers’ health and safety while on the job. Although it is not an assurance that accidents will not happen, it is always good to put the best foot forward and at least adopt some reliable safety measures to minimize incidents.

When accidents happen on construction sites, the injured party is often unsure how to proceed in order to receive compensation. Often times, the family is overwhelmed with medical bills and other expenses pertaining to the injury incurred by the worker. At times, the owners of the construction site, or the construction firm itself, may not want to have anything to do with the injured worker, and they will try to leave him or her suffering without any compensation. This is an injustice, and it should not be accepted; rather, the injured party (or a family member) could file a lawsuit against the owners of the building, or against the contractor that hired him or her to work at the construction site.

Have You Been Injured on a Job Site in Lakeland, Florida?

If you are planning to stand your ground and assert your right for just compensation to the suffering that you have acquired due to your injury, then you’ll want to start by finding a good Lakeland personal injury attorney who knows how to get your case properly adjudicated. These personal injury lawyers aim to hold the parties responsible for the injury fully accountable for what happened to you or your loved one. It is true that you can no longer change the past, but you can still do something in the future, and this should be your mindset when you want to pursue legal compensation from the responsible party.

Typically, the insurance companies of the company you are working for would be the one to pay the costs you have incurred. But, keep in mind, these companies are often very tricky and will always try to resort to anything that would keep them from justly compensating your expenses. An experienced and knowledgeable Lakeland personal injury attorney will not allow these things to happen unnoticed. He or she will give their full effort to defend your cause and make sure you get what you deserve. Although a common saying in the insurance industry is “deny, delay, defend, and don’t pay,” a job site attorney will always fight tirelessly for your rights.

Hiring a Lakeland Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident happens, it is crucial that you hire a personal injury lawyer, since there are still so many processes that need to be carried out before the actual filing of the case. Lawyers will take photographs, conduct interview, or contact witnesses to attest to your condition, collect documentation necessary for the case to prosper, and consult experts on the industry that would support your claim. Evidence will also be preserved and taken into account. When everything has been accounted for, your lawyer will file the claim against those responsible for your condition and will work to get you the just compensation you deserve.

Looking for a Job Site Lawyer in Lakeland, Florida?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a job site accident in Lakeland, turn to O’Toole Law Group. Our qualified Lakeland personal injury attorneys have decades of experience in dealing with all types of personal injury lawsuits (including job site accidents), and we are ready to help straighten out the injustice and fight for the maximum compensation you are eligible for.

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