What You Need to Know About Negligence Claims: Insights from an Accident and Personal Injury Attorney in Brandon, Florida

The etymology of the word ‘negligence’ roots from a Latin word which, when translated, literally means ‘failure to pick up.’ From a legal perspective, negligence is defined as “failure to use a similar level of care as a careful and reasonably prudent person would use under similar circumstances…”. Hence, negligence can occur in any profession and workplace. It can bring about damages that are not necessarily physical, and yet qualify for negligence claims.

Types of Negligence Cases in Brandon, Florida

This list can go beyond the imagination of the reader. Any situation that demanded proper guidance, and where the at-fault party did not take proper care to do the same (either accidentally or intentionally), can become a case of negligence. Of all types of negligence, medical and clinical negligence cases are the most commonly filed under negligence compensation claims in Brandon, Florida. This includes dental negligence, cosmetic surgery negligence, intentional acts of negligence during surgery and while prescribing medicines, and much more. Professional negligence ranks second. This includes any professional advice that might have led to the victim’s sustaining damages — whether it be physical, mental, or social.

Possible Damages

Physical damages are the most prominent damage as a consequence of advice gone wrong or ill supervision. The injuries sustained by the victim have to be examined by a medical examiner. Then, it has to be proved that the injuries were a result of negligence, and that the victim could not, in a sound state of mind, intentionally result in that injury. Emotional and mental damages are also possible due to shock, or as collateral damage along with physical injuries. Loss of enjoyment, consortium, pain, and suffering are some common ground on which compensations are claimed. Damages to a person’s image and reputation are also considered as claimable under negligence.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are ordered by the court for the defendant if he or she was found to have committed the act maliciously or intentionally. These commonly include compensation payments to the victim(s). These acts are designed so that the defendant refrains from committing a similar act in the future.

For Those Susceptible to Negligence

If you feel you could be sued for negligence for the kind of work you do or service you provide, it’s important to understand that negligence lawsuits are serious offenses. Better safe than sorry; go through your work protocol to point out dangerous weak points that might lead to a negligence suit and work out a way to avoid problems in those areas. Analyzing your work this way will help you stay away from unwanted lawsuits.

For the Victims

If you are a victim of negligence in Brandon, Florida, you should take your case to an experienced accident and personal injury lawyer. Let him or her assess your case. If the case is valid, you should have your injuries evaluated by a medical examiner to obtain an estimate of the compensation you can claim.

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