What Should a Car Accident Victim Tell Their Doctor? Insights from a Car Accident Attorney in Plant City, Florida

If you’ve sustained injuries in a car accident in Plant City, you should know that your car accident injury case starts immediately after the accident. Everything you say and do — or do not say or do — from this point goes on record and is scrutinized for discrepancies and information that the insurance company could use against you in court.

With over 30 years of experience representing clients in Central Florida, the team at O’Toole Law Group knows that the medical records maintained by the doctor you consult are perhaps the most important source of information in your car accident case. With that in mind, we have put together this list of the five most important things you should disclose during your medical appointments.

It is worth mentioning that this is a general list that will likely vary from case to case. It’s always best to seek legal counsel from an experienced car accident attorney in Plant City, Florida to understand exactly what you should and should not say.

Information You Should Share

  1. All past accidents: If you fail to reveal all prior accidents (regardless of who was at fault), the insurance company may argue that you are lying and burying your past to deceive the jury. This can hurt the credibility of your Plant City car accident case.
  2. All past injuries: Any injury you sustained before the car accident must be disclosed to your doctor, regardless of how or when it occurred. Your doctor’s opinions are formed based on what you tell them — and if they do not have the complete picture, the insurance company may challenge their opinions in court. In many ways, having a past injury can simplify the process of establishing that you have sustained a permanent injury in a car accident. Consider this — if you have previously sustained a neck injury, your car accident attorney in Plant City will argue that you were more susceptible to a serious neck injury in the car accident.
  3. How did the car accident happen? How the accident unfolded is critical in determining the severity of your injuries. Your medical records will be reviewed by an insurance adjuster and, ultimately, a jury — the more serious the accident, the more likely a jury is to believe that you were permanently injured.
  4. All sustained injuries: Your car accident attorney in Plant City, Florida will advise you to tell your doctor about any injuries you sustained in the car accident, no matter how minor. If you do not notify your doctor of an injury, it may as well not exist in the eyes of the court. Remember that some injuries can worsen over time rather than improve. And if you fail to tell your doctor early on, the insurance company could claim that the injury must not exist, or it must have occurred because of something other than the car accident. 
  5. The effects of the accident on your life: While you should inform your doctor about your medical history and the injuries you sustained in the car accident, the impact of these injuries on your life accounts for a significant amount of the compensatory damages you could be awarded. Informing your doctor and your Plant City, Florida car accident attorney about how your injuries have impacted your everyday life, employment, and relationships is critical for documenting these effects and helping you receive compensation.

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